• Paolo Pellegrin

    Paolo Pellegrin


    An internationally renowned photographer, the spearhead of the Magnum stable. He is one of the leading Italian photojournalists in the world, collaborating with magazines like Newsweek and NewYork Times.

    He won, among others, Robert Capa Gold Medal, Eugene Smith Grant and 10 World Press photo award.

  • Michele Smargiassi

    Michele Smargiassi


    Journalist and author of great experience and notoriety. He graduated in journalism in Bologna with a thesis on the History of Photography and is among the members of the Italian Center for Photography.

    Many journalistic inquiries for the main Italian newspapers, including l'Unità and la Repubblica. Today he takes care of the blog Fotocrazia of Repubblica and is also the author of several non-journalistic writings.

  • Nausicaa Giulia Bianchi

    Nausicaa Giulia Bianchi


    Documentary photographer, particularly interested in religious and historical themes and the condition of women in the Catholic world.

    A photography teacher with international experience in New York and London, since 2014 he has created a training project called "Foto e spirito".

  • Alessandro  Gandolfi

    Alessandro Gandolfi

    Graduated in philosophy, reporter of the magazine Repubblica until 2001, when he began to devote himself to photojournalism. He is a founding member of the Parallelozero photo agency.

    His works have appeared in various international publications (Le Monde, Time, National Geographic, L'Espresso, International, Corriere della Sera...) and his works exhibited all over the world.

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